Please Daddy, Please Daddy

Please Daddy, don't hit me again
I'm little but I still remember when
You used to hold me and  tell me you loved me so much

And you always made me feel warm with your special touch
But something has happened to you, 
You started to drink
That is when you started not to love me I think.

Now I'm afraid to come near you or make a sound
It seems now to me you just don't want me around
Please Daddy don't touch me down there anymore
It makes me feel awful and makes me so sore

I want things to be just like they used to be
When we were so happy, you and Mommie and me
Please Daddy, please Daddy, don't hurt me again
Please hold me and love me like you did back then

It hurts me and scares me when you hit Mommie too
Please Daddy, stop drinking, for we both still love you

 Jack Young (C)
5-23/04  Used with permission
Please don't take this poem without consent,
as it was write for the site. Thanx
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