Alone she sits, in quiet contemplation
Her thoughts on things she cannot comprehend
The world for her is filled with manipulation
and hurtful words, and hearts that just pretend

Alone she sits, with tearfilled eyes
Her destiny now set
The pain inside she can't disguise
This day ends in regret.

She tries to see the lesson
She knows its there somewhere
Covered up with indiscretion
Lost in layers of despair.

Her heart bears witness on this day
The longing of her soul
To shed her tears, then cast away
This pain she must let go.

Alone she sits, with tear filled eyes
Her destiny now set
The pain inside, she will disguise
And leave this day with no regret

~Judy Gagnon  aka  GShywolf© Feb. 10, 2001~
This poetry is copyrighted.
Please do not use without permission.
All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.