Mommie!!! Please!!!

Please Mommie don''t stick that needle in your arm
Please hold me like and love me and keep me from harm
I know that you feel like you are at the end of your rope
But it just makes things worse when you turn to dope

Mommie, remember how things used to be
When we were so happy, you and Daddy and me
I have asked God to make it like it was before
Before Daddy died and you couldn't cope any more

Please Mommie won't you just throw that needle away
It makes you not care and you just used one yesterday
And those men you have bringing home with you at night
They do things to me that I know are not right

But you just lie there and let them, as if you don't even  care
The Mommie that once loved me is no longer there
Please Mommie please help me find someone who will help
This has gone so far now and we can't handle it all ourself

I want the Mommie back that I used to know
Before Daddy died just three years ago
Please Mommie, Please Mommie. I love you still
And no matter what happens to us I always will

Let's pray together Mommie and ask God to help us out of this mess
Remember how you once told me, if we do that He would bless

Jack Young ©2004
Used with permission
Please don't take this poem without consent,
as it was write for the site. Thanx
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