In The Silence Of The Rain 

Her coffee cold, her toast untouched 
Her mind lost in the past;
She’d spent the day remembering,
A love she’d thought would last.

Her friends had tried to warn her,
He was no good, they’d said,
But he was so sweet and charming,
She would not be mislead.

Their wedding day was perfect,
Their honeymoon was bliss;
If sometimes he got angry,
They made up with a kiss.

But through the years his anger grew,
She could do nothing right,
He would not let her see her friends,
He beat her up each night.

And yet she knew it was her fault,
He often told her so,
Each day she lived in fear of him,
But he’d not let her go.

Today she’d finally had enough,
She knew that he was wrong;
She would not take it anymore,
And now she must be strong.

The storm outside was raging still,
Unlike the storm within;
Calm now, she sat and waited for
Her husband to come in.

The door flew open, the rain blew in,
No dinner was in sight;
He turned his blazing eyes on her,
But she would make it right.

In the silence of the raindrops falling
From her blackened eyes,
The shots rang out like thunder,
Echoing his demise.

And when she saw what she had done,
She knew they would accuse her,
She turned the gun upon herself
And died with her abuser. 

  Linda E. Newman   © 2002
© 2002  (All rights reserved)
Used with permission
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