In Dreams They Come 


There’s something about the light of day
That chases the nighttime shadows away,
For a while, anyway.

But darkness always returns once more
And shadows escape thru the troubled mind’s door
And come creeping ’cross the floor.

Then silently they invade my sleep,
In dreams they drag me oh so deep
And my soul begins to weep. 

They’re tears of sorrow and tears of pain,
Tears that burn like acid rain;
For I must relive again

All the horrible horrors of my past,
Back into that Hell I am recast
And terror holds me fast.

With legs made of lead I cannot escape
As time after time my soul they rape,
And leering shadows gape.

Oh how I pray for the light of day
To chase these nighttime horrors away,
But not today,
No . . . not today. 

~ Linda E.Newman ~
©2003 used with permission  (All rights reserved)
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 Music  Bruce DeBoar