~Surviving Child Abuse~

I am not a victim of child abuse, I am a survivor...I will not allow 
the actions of others to render me helpless.

I learned very early in life that I needed to find strength to cope 
with and then to overcome, as well as to compensate for the 
actions of those I should have been able to trust....but couldn't. Sadly, for some, they are not able to find that strength, and indeed, some never live long enough. For those victims, my heart breaks. 
To lose even one life to abuse is to render us all victims, and certainly, when the spirit of a child is silenced forever, we have all lost something difinitive within ourselves.

So often I heard that I too would grow up to be an abuser....abuse, like cancer, grows and spreads. Determined not to follow down 
that path, I set a course of my own, for that strength which helped me to survive abuse, also helped me in my pledge to not become 
the abuser. Abuse has to end somewhere...why not with me?

Because to many children turn to drugs and alchohol, gangs and violence as a form of medicating themselves against the pain of neglect and abuse, they never face their pain head on. And what we refuse to face, will forever be like a cancer growing and spreading.

If I were to stress one thing, it would be to face that pain head on, admit that it hurts like hell, yell, scream and cry...pound your fists into your pillow...find a "safe" person, one who is willing to allow you this...and when you are through, recognize and realize that this was not your fault, you are not to blame, and you no longer have to carry the burden of guilt and blame. 

For those of you who might know of a child being abused, even if you just suspect, don't turn your back and walk a way, hoping that someone else will see and help. To that child you may be his/her only help.


 Judy Gagnonaka GShywolf
January 1, 2001  Used with permission


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Music "Tears For All The Children"
 Bruce DeBoar