~ Hey Little Girl ~


Hey little girl....
yeah you sitting there
why are you sad
why do you shed those tears

These tears I am shedding
are for the pain in my heart
I can't face this day........

my world has been torn apart

Hey little girl.....
yeah you with the tears
What do you cower from
Whats brings you this fear

My tears are for losses
the depths noone knows
And I cower from the anguish
and I fear the repose'

Hey little girl....
yeah you by that tree
Why are hiding
Why do you long to be free

I hide by this tree
awaiting my time
I can't take anymore
peace I shall find

Hey little girl....
yeah you lying there
What brought you to this
What caused this dispair

I lie here in peace
the pain is now gone
I found sweet relief
I avenged all the wrong

tear drops in heaven
thats what it will be
when soon you' ll be here
to enjoy it with me.

~ Judy Gagnon ~
Used with permission



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 Music "Tears In Heaven"