New in the neighborhood, Meagan was eager to make friends, so when six-year old Lauren invited her to go to Sunday school with her family, little Megan immediately asked permission from her mom. Mom agreed, anything to grab a couple hours to herself on a Sunday morning. Megan and her Mom didn’t know much about God. Church had never been a part of their lives. She was a single mother, working two jobs just to scrape by, nothing beyond that held much importance. 

Sunday morning came and Megan was excited to be going somewhere with her new friend. It didn’t really matter where. She put on her prettiest dress and “dress-up” shoes, saved for special occasions. At Sunday school, the children laughed and welcomed Megan. The grandmotherly teacher hugged her and told her that she loved her and that God loved her, too. The pastor told her that, also. Several people said that very same thing to her and one member tied a balloon to her wrist as they left the church. On the balloon was printed that same thought…”Smile, God loves you.” Meagan was smiling. She was happy and she had never felt so loved. Dropping her off at home, Lauren and her family waved and reminded her, “We love you and God loves you, too.” 

She wanted to run in to tell Mom all about the Sunday school, the teacher and all the kids who were glad she was there. She could hardly wait to tell her all about the singing and about Jesus and that God loves her and that He loves her Mother, too. But first she wanted to be alone to think, for a few minutes, about what it all meant. Kicking off her shoes, which were pinching her feet by then, she sat on the curb just to remember everything she had learned. She remembered that the pastor told her that he loved her and so did God and that all she had to do was to pray and ask Jesus to be her friend. So, right there on the curb, quietly, that’s exactly what Meagan did…then she went in to tell Mom all about it. 

Author Unknown


Recreated with love
June 24, 2004