Kaleidoscopes and fun-house mirrors,
Rose-colored glasses and wine,
Unicorns and fairytales
Stopping the hands of time.

Shhhh, my child, donít say a word,
No one must ever know,
For daddies LOVE their little girls

Because they love them so.

Climb aboard the carousel,
The white horse, if you please,
For knights in armor shining bright
Arrive upon this steed.

If you love me you will do it,
Your cherry I will pluck,
Nothing can happen the first time,
Let me its juices suck.

Then fly with me on ecstasy.
It will not hurt a bit,
A little ice, youíll feel SO nice,
Beside me in the cockpit.

Whatís that you say? Get rid of it!
Have you no commonsense?
Of course itís not a living thing,
íTis just an inconvenience.

Empty now she spends her days
Trapped somewhere deep inside;
A world in which all doors are locked
And demons and fears reside.

She rides the whirling carousel
Inside the kaleidoscope,
A fractured world of colors dark,
Rose-colored glasses long broke.

Forever behind the fun-house mirrors,
This is her destiny,
Too many lies and fairy tales
Bent her reality.

 Linda E. Newman© 2004
Used with permission
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