A Child's Question

Dear Jesus...Please hear my prayer,
for I am feeling kinda scared.
Why does my mommy leave me all alone?
Why does she never seem to care?

Jesus, why is my mommy so sick?
Please heal her, so she can be with me each day.
So she wont have to take those pills,
or anymore shots in her arms I pray.

She used to always hug me,
that is, until she started taking the pills.
Now she's like a different mommy,
and she never even cooks me a meal.

She stays gone most of the time,
and usually I tend to watch TV a lot.
I sit on the couch till she comes home,
then I watch as she gives herself another shot.

She must really be hurting inside,
for she does this each and every day.
Then she leaves me here all alone again,
no matter how hard I beg her to stay.

Sometimes I get so lonely I sit and cry,
then I get on my knees and talk with you.
For I know you are my friend and can hear me,
I know you will protect me and show me what to do.

Thanks for your time sweet Jesus,
for listening to me and knowing how I feel inside.
I know you're with me for you wiped away my tears,
as you always do...Each time I came to you and cried.

©  Angela Wilson Angela Wilson
05-24-04.  Used with permission
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